Raspi Pip-Boy overview

Hi, I would like to present my first raspberry-pi project.
A Pip-boy  like Personal Computer (if you are a Fallout Fan, you see what i mean) ! I also use it as display / stream server for my telescope (video an details soon !)

It’s made with a Raspberry-pi model B + a 2.8″ LCD 8bits parallel TouchScreen connected  on GPIOS.
XWindow Desktop session can be controlled with Touchscreen or Keyboard.It is powered with a 5V-1A 2600mAh battery which gave approx 3h of autonomy (about 2h if wifi dongle is used).

Hardware parts :

- 1 xRaspberry Pi model B (30 – 35 €).
– 1 x ITDB02-2.8 TFT LCD 2.8″ Touchscreen from ITEAD STUDIO (15 – 20€).
– 1x Li-Po 2600mAh battery (10 – 15€) – 3 hours of autonomy.
– 2 x Plastic Transparent photo frame and 2 x fixing parts taken from snowboard gloves.
– 2 x microswitch (salvaged from a noisy toy).
– 25 x Female-Female Dupont wires.

Software parts :

- OS : Raspian wheezy .
– Custom Framebuffer and Touchscreen drivers based on FBTFT.
AdvanceMame Emulator.
– Some Python scripts for microswitches management.
– Custom rc.local file, X11 configuration, evdev xinput configuration.

Everything is mounted on a self-made case, so the Raspi Pip-oy can be attached to arm.

It supports USB wifi dongle and Bluetooth mini-keyboard and many other USB devices.
It can connect to video stream (like IP network cameras) and run AdvanceMame Arcade Game Emulator.

2 switches are connected to GPIOS : the first to switch between displays (console/Dektop) and to command and the second to perform a safe shutdown..

ITDB28 TFT Touchscreen Wiring :

Raspi Pip-boy-GPIO

Raspi Pip-boy-GPIO

You can also check the steps on Instructables : http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspi-Pip-boy-wearable-Pi/

General demo video :

Elphel Network Camera streaming display :

Mame playing demo :